You CERTAINLY do not have to be VEGAN to enjoy this menu!

Vanessa Mills wants people to know she makes vegan food that doesn't suck.
It's her passion and her lifestyle, and no surprise here, it's also the tagline of her business, CHOMP in East Vancouver.

The 30-something life-loving, highly-principled restauranteur has relocated her fully vegan and gluten-free digs to Hastings Sunrise. 

So, what can vegans eat?
"I get that question all the time," confesses Vanessa. "We can eat anything, really. It's not difficult or boring like some people may think— let’s get rid of this stigma. We create imaginative, original and a wide-range of flavourful dishes. I wanted to share that with people, provide options, and make it convenient for people to access. That's really the inspiration behind CHOMP."

Her business acumen stems from many years in the service industry, filling roles from server and bartender to food prep and caterer.
Her culinary chops were honed from a passion to create.
"I'm a creative person and food is one of those things open for interpretation; you can take any ingredient and create beyond your imagination."

Fed with a forkful of love (hence the logo), CHOMP is wholesome, with no hidden ingredients or secrets. 

(some of this text was based on an article by: Tracey Rayson) 



Vanessa Mills, Owner/Operator of CHOMP vegan eatery ltd.

ABOUT her own journey from VEGETARIAN to VEGAN

There is no elaborate story here.. ha!
The transition to adopting a vegan lifestyle sprouted from Vanessa's grassroots of vegetarianism. At 10 years old she didn't fancy the taste of meat, which led her to embracing a vegetarian diet for about 15 years.
In her mid-twenties, she began digging into vegan health benefits and the ecological facts along with the reality of the industry and animal treatment which prompted the switch. "It wasn't a huge leap; it made the most sense at the time and I now comprehend, and am continuously researching the health and healing benefits of a plant-based diet."


Everything offered at CHOMP is GLUTEN-FREE , VEGAN & ORGANIC.

To reduce their carbon footprint, CHOMP uses biodegradable packaging, uses local grown produce as much as possible, grows their own herbs on-site, composts & recycles.

The multi-award winning CHOMP vegan eatery has come a long way to ensure the convenience and accessibility of delicious, fun, healthy food.